The GitOps Kubernetes Connection

Kelly Griffin
Kelly Griffin
Gray Calendar Icon February 28, 2020
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GitOps provides a single source of truth for development and operations of applications in your Kubernetes platform and works to ensure application stability and availability.

Kubernetes Consolidation: What Does It Mean for Rancher Labs?

Rancher Labs CEO and Co-founder Sheng Liang talks with Swapnil Bhartiya of TFiR about where the outlook for Kubernetes, innovation at Rancher and consolidation in the Kubernetes space.

2020 , 02 24
Read time: 1 min

Running Containers in Azure with Rancher

Rancher allows enterprises to adopt container and Kubernetes-related technologies incrementally. Discover how Rancher improves your container orchestration experience when with running containers in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

2020 , 02 24
Read time: 4 min

Citrix and Rancher Integration: Cloud-Native Stack on Kubernetes

Citrix and Rancher are partnering to deliver Citrix' cloud-native stack on Rancher, the complete enterprise computing platform to run Kubernetes clusters on-premises, in the cloud or at the edge. Citrix Cloud Native Stack integrates with Rancher as pre-built and reusable application stack templates. These templates stitch together all components of the Citrix Cloud Native Stack (Citrix Ingress Controller, Citrix Node Controller, Citrix Observability Exporter, IPAM). You can modify and deploy these templates into running application stacks via the Rancher admin console.

2020 , 02 19
Read time: 2 min