A Demo of Rancher's Native Docker Integration

Docker Native
ProvisioningHi, I’m Craig Jellick, an engineer here at Rancher Labs, and I wanted to walk you through a new set of features that we recently added to Rancher as we prepared for beta. Internally, we call it our \“Native Docker Management\” functionality, and it is incredibly core to our mission here at Rancher. When we built Rancher, we explicitly didn’t want to wrap Docker’s APIs with a new management layer. A number of existing tools already take that approach, and while it is an effective way of building a controlled system, we really loved the experience using the Docker CLI and API, and were sure that it would just keep getting better over time. Because of that we’ve developed Rancher so that it can work behind the scene as you use Docker directly, or with your favorite scripting tool. I wrote a few months ago about how we were working with Docker events to understand what happens on a host, and Darren Shepherd talked about the importance of Docker Labels, which were added to Docker in 1.6. Now, I want to show you how these pieces fit together to allow users to configure Rancher services directly from the Docker CLI on any host running our agent containers. I’ve created a video that demonstrates this approach, and welcome any feedback or questions you might have in the comments section. You’re also welcome to ping us on Twitter or #Rancher on IRC if you have any questions.

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