If you want to provide a user with access and permissions to all projects, nodes, and resources within a cluster, assign the user a cluster membership.

Tip: Want to provide a user with access to a specific project within a cluster? See Adding Project Members instead.

There are two contexts where you can add cluster members:

Adding Members to an Existing Cluster

Following cluster creation, you can add users as cluster members so that they can access its resources.

  1. From the Global view, open the cluster that you want to add members to.

  2. From the main menu, select Members. Then click Add Member.

  3. Search for the user or group that you want to add to the cluster.

    If external authentication is configured:

  4. Assign the user or group Cluster roles.

    What are Cluster Roles?

    Tip: For Custom Roles, you can modify the list of individual roles available for assignment.

Result: The chosen users are added to the cluster.

  • To revoke cluster membership, select the user and click Delete. This action deletes membership, not the user.
  • To modify a user’s roles in the cluster, delete them from the cluster, and then re-add them with modified roles.