1. Create an account with appropriate permissions

    Create (or give an existing) user appropriate permissions to create an EKS cluster.

  2. Create an access key and secret key

    Create an access key and secret key to access Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources from Rancher.

  3. Create the EKS Cluster

    Using the AWS account, create your Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) cluster in Rancher.

Give Appropriate Permissions

Make sure that the account you will be using to create the EKS cluster has the appropriate permissions. Referring to the official EKS documentation for details.

Create Access Key and Secret Key

Use AWS to create an access key and client secret.

  1. In the AWS Console, go to the IAM service.

  2. Select Users.

  3. Find the user you wish to create the EKS cluster with. Select the user.

  4. Click Security Credentials.

  5. Click Create access key.

  6. Record the Access key ID and Secret access key. You will need to use these in Rancher to create your EKS cluster.

Create the EKS Cluster

Use Rancher to set up and configure your Kubernetes cluster.

  1. From the Clusters page, click Add Cluster.

  2. Choose Amazon EKS.

  3. Enter a Cluster Name.

  4. Use Member Roles to configure user authorization for the cluster.

    • Click Add Member to add users that can access the cluster.
    • Use the Role drop-down to set permissions for each user.

  5. Enter your Access Key.

  6. Enter your Secret Key

  7. Click Next: Authenticate & configure nodes.

  8. Specify any additional options (such as instance type or minimum and maximum number of nodes). Then click Create.


  • Your cluster is created and assigned a state of Provisioning. Rancher is standing up your cluster.
  • You can access your cluster after its state is updated to Active.
  • Active clusters are assigned two Projects, Default (containing the namespace default) and System (containing the namespaces cattle-system,ingress-nginx,kube-public and kube-system, if present).