1. From the Global view, choose Clusters from the main menu. From the Clusters page, open the cluster from which you want to create a project.

  2. From the main menu, choose Projects/Namespaces. Then click Add Project.

  3. Enter a Project Name.

  4. Optional: Select a Pod Security Policy.

    What are Pod Security Policies?

    Note: This option is only available if you’ve already created a Pod Security Policy. For instruction, see Creating Pod Security Policies.

  5. Recommended: Add project members.

    Use the Members accordion to provide other users with project access and roles.

    By default, your user is added as the project Owner.

    1. Click Add Member.

    2. From the Name combo box, search for a user or group that you want to assign project access.

      Note: You can only search for groups if external authentication is enabled.

    3. From the Role drop-down, choose a role.

      What are Roles?

      Tip: Choose Custom to create a custom role on the fly: Custom Project Roles.

    4. To add more members, repeat substeps a—c.

  6. Click Create.

Result: Your project is created. You can view it from the cluster’s Projects/Namespaces view.